Hydraulics International Inc components in prompt delivery

Interfluid has been supplying high pressure components since 2005.

Thanks to the optimization of our logistic processes, we can quickly distribute all over Europe Hydraulics International Inc components for high pressure.

Thanks to a wide range of the products we have in stock, such as liquid pumps, gas booster and air amplifiers, we can supply every day components to companies working in a lot of industrial segments, such as Oil&Gaswaterjetautomotive and renewable energy.

Our services

HII official distributor

Hydraulics International Inc chose us as an official distributor for air driven liquid pumps, gas booster and air amplifiers.

Verification and implementation of technical schemes

Our staff studies and designs technical schemes according to all standards currently in use.

Integration with PLC

HII Pumps and boosters can be integrated in a unit and controlled by PLC.

Technical assistance and after sales service

Thanks to our highly qualified technicians, we can support you in choosing the most innovative PHP component and development and implementation of technologically advanced systems.

Comparison with other brands

Our technical staff is highly qualified to provide quick comparisons with main brands in terms of mechanical interchangeability and performances. In this way we can provide the best technical solution and the quickest delivery.

Wide stock available

Interfluid has a wide stock of pumps and high pressure components. We guarantee you quick delivery all over the world.

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