Data acquisition with PLC

Data acquisition is based on technologies, instruments and infrastructures whose aim is to improve productivity and quality in the manufacturing processes.

Upon customer request, units can be integrated with data acquisition (PLC), allowing to collect all data (pressure and temperature) generated during high-pressure testing.

Normally all the data is saved on USB-stick allowing to generate from .csv, –xls files the required graphics and certifications.

At request, custom forms can be generated automatically, saved on pc or automatically sent to a remote archive. Some versions can be provided with remote access to the software, allowing to view and modify on-line parameters, saving time and solving possible problems in few instants.

What we can do for you


Interfluid supports you in the design and production of ready-to-use power units for water and oil and gas. All our units are tested in house, provided with quality certifications, and can be equipped with PLC control.


Our trained technicians will help in the selection and dimensioning of the right solution, supporting you in the choice of components available at stock.


Our technicians can repair air driven liquid pumps and gas boosters and customize them according to the user’s requirements. Total traceability, Atex, cleaning certificate O2, H2, 3.1 are available upon request.